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knowledge is power.

okay time for some serious scribbling. saya menulis dengan hasrat ingin berkongsi. tiada lebih dan kurang dari itu.

Sabda Rasullullah yang paling hebat dari pendapat kosong saya, "Aku tinggalkan dua perkara yang kamu tidak sesat selamanya, Al-Quran dan As-Sunnah." Al-Quran merupakan 'kata kata' Allah yang turun kepada Nabi Muhammad secara berkala (ayat demi ayat dari surah surah yang berasingan) . Al-Quran dan alam semesta merupakan ciptaan Allah, Rabb (pengatur) kita yang agung, dan Rabb kita telah mengatur kita supaya menjadi khalifah (pemimpin) di muka bumi.

*Kebesaran Al-Quran dinyatakan melalui sebuah cerita di mana gunung merekah dan hancur apabila diletakkan Al-Quran di atasnya. Manusia sebagai khalifah dicipta untuk memerintah dengan Al-Quran. Subhanallah.*
Seperti juga setiap pekrja yang baru diterima memerlukan basic knowledge, begitu juga manusia.
"Aku tinggalkan dua perkara yang kamu tidak sesat selamanya, Al-Quran dan As-Sunnah."

berikut merupakan jumlah perkataan tertentu di dalam AL-Quran.
Al-Dunya / Al-Akhirah = 115 / 115
Al-Malaikah / Al_Syateen = 88 / 88
Al-Hayat / Al-Maut = 145 / 145
Al-Rajul (Lelaki) / Al-Mara (Perempuan) = 24 / 24
Al-Shahr (Bulan) / Al-Yaum (Hari) = 12 / 365
Al-Bahar (Laut) / Al-Bar (Darat) = 32 / 13

Jika kita mencampurkan jumlah perkataan yang membawa maksud laut dan darat jumlahnya ialah 45 (32+13 = 45).
Jika dibuat kira-kira mudah :
Laut 32/45 X 100 = 71.111%
Darat 13/45 X 100 = 28.889%

inilah basic guidance kepada kita para khalifah. :) . i will continue posting this sort of stuffs later on :) .
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Kau paling hebat :) .

Terlupe, kau sorang je dari keturunan elok elok. Aku lupa walaupun kau dah banyak kali jual nama kau sendiri kat orang ramai. Cerita kebaikan kau tak cukup hebat lagi kot. Buat lah novel tentang salasilah keluarga dan semua amalan baik kau. Selama nI tak pernah pun kau rasa letih bercerita pengalaman hidup kau yang semuanya berkisarkan kebaikan dan kejayaan, so teruskanlah bercerita. Ke kau tengah susah sekarang? Takpe. Aku ada duit pinjaman yang masuk banyak sekaligus. Setakat ratus ratus bagi kau no hal, kau pun memang stabil je sepanjang hidup kau. Aku tak risau ape pon sebab walaupun masih berhutang dengan aku kau mampu beli bermacam macam benda benda baru. Ratus ratus je kan barang kau beli? Takde hal lah. Macam duit aku lah. Bagi kau macam makan keropok je kan. Aku paling hormat orang macam kau. Takde orang lepak dengan kau kat sini? Oh itu pasal la kau telepon aku? Semalam tak kol pon? Oh ada duit keluar makan. Sekarang takde duit dan takde orang nak teman la? Aku kira member bosan kau la? Asal ajak lepak pulak ni? Ade awek baru? Lagi? Kasut baru? Jaket baru? Semua berapa dah habis? Itu saje dah beribu? Ohh okay la tu. Baru la awek lagi nak pandang kau eh? Kau berpandangan jauh la. Tak de sijil ke ape ke dah pasang impian nak beli kereta dah? Rezeki di tangan Tuhan ek. Betol la ape yang kau buat. Takyah bekerja pon takpe kot aku rase. Kau duduk rumah jela. Eh nak gerak dah? Dah puas kutuk pakcik pakcik meja sebelah kau terus nak balik? Ha yelah. Papehal roger jelah aku -.-

a moment ago i was like so happy i can sleep with no fans and all lights turned on but now i am sooo pissed off that my body's shaking and i am sooo want to punch someone real hard. kerana mulut badan binasa. member kau dah ramai taknak lepak dgn kau. nasib kau aku ni penyabar orang nye :) .
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can i?

i try to smile upon the saddest of your looks,
and laugh with every tears you drop loose,
i try to grin with every frown you pose,
with my every hopes to see you froze,
but i care too much to let you cry,
and i know too less to see you die.

my shadow lingers at my forehand,
it carries a sign i couldn't comprehend.
these open palms of mine feel bland,
yet i wouldn't want to ever understand,

i couldn't bare to,
i wouldn't dare to.

mengisi masa lapang. jari gatal nak tekan tekan -.-
kadang kadang aku risau ada orang pikir aku ni lelaki yang tak stabil emosi pon ade.
*post ini tidak membawa sebarang erti ke dalam hidup saya, melainkan hanya untuk digelakkan pada masa akan datang ;) .*
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blink 182 - Stockholm Syndrom

i'm not posting the lyrics for the above song. i'm posting the trance-like monologue at the beginning of the song.it was a letter written by mark hoppus's granddad to her grandmum *tak silap aku lah* during perang dunia ke-2 kot. the song was entitled Stockholm Syndrome because of the syndrome itself.
Stockholm Syndrome is when you're being paranoid over the simplest things, and you can't seem to avoid the feelings that you're a book that everyone reads. despite the numerous toilet-humor songs of blink 182, this one stands out along with few of others as their sensitive songs. again, this is not a song lyric. this is basically a love letter that a soldier sent to his loved one :) .

*blink 182*

My Dearest,
I've missed you very, very much since that last night we were together,
and will hold that night specially in my memories years to come.
I've been turning it over and over in my mind lately.
I've read your letter through at least four times,
and will probably read it more times before I'm through.
I've been sitting here, looking at your picture,
and getting more homesick every minute.
I've wanted that picture more than anything else I know of,
except of course, you yourself.
I keep thinking of you darling,
keep wishing I could be home with you.
I want to leave in the worst possible way
so I can come home to see you but,
things don't look so good on that subject.
This war has spoiled a lot of things for everyone i guess,
I've never been so lonesome in my life as i am right now.
I'm completely lost without you darling.
I never realised i could miss any one person so much,
I just hope it wont be too much longer until im able to be with you again
and live a sane and normal life...

2:02:00 AM

Jurus Kepala Di Awangan.

i noticed that many people uses the Internet as a place where they can mock and curse at people they don't dare to in front. i'm not like them. i'm a guy and that clearly explains everything. mengumpat tak best. macam pengecut nak cakap depan depan. heh. my mom's PC baru format dan semua lagu lagu aku dalam tu hilang teros. banyak kot. dari segala blink 182 sampai ke segala avenged sevenfold bagai. aduh. but then, my brother just moved back into our house, because he's assigned to be working here at Gombak. so i was thinking perhaps his PC still have all of my mp3s, which was larger in quantity than at my mom's. but yeah world is fair. "the things you lost cannot replace what's missing." T.T adoi. rupenye dier dah delete lama dah.

moving on. lately i've been listening to a lot of Nirvana and i'm afraid it's been too much that i started feeling those teenage-angst-revolution starting over again in me. urghh udah udah le amir. kau dah 19. bukan zaman sekolah nak gile gile remaje -.- but it feels great. 'cause listening back to those old stuffs, my passion for guitar slowly builds up higher than before. antara dorongan utama start main gitar dulu, metallica dan nirvana. my brother taught me those. later when i was 14, terjebak pulak dgn music seluar 3 quarter londeh dan spikey hair. terjerumus ke punk rock. wahhh ade gak kesinambungan ideolog kurt cobain? tapi PUNK ROCK berbeda habis dgn grunge. adoii.

kaki abu capik,
ape aku merepek? -.-

*note to self = amer, cuba berjalan lurus. pasti boleh! *
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Kurt Donald Cobain

A talking action figure of Sir Kurt Donald Cobain. I wonder where can I have this stuff 'cause it sure looks rad :) .

Speaking of Kurt Donald Cobain, I still remember the first time I listened to Nirvana. I was just 7 or 8. I was forced to listen to it by one of my brother. Even at that age, I'd already found Oasis and The Offspring very tempting. On the other hand, I don't really find Nirvana as a great band at that time. They rather sounded over-distorted and too crunchy in most of their songs. I REJECTED THEM WHOLE. It was not long though, because I can still sing to their tunes even when the truth shows that I'm not a fan. It was when my brother told me that Kurt Cobain was remembered FOR his death that shook me. I felt like a fool for denying the actual facts that I actually loves the loud noises of Kurt, Dave and Pat. Later on growing up, I listened back to Nirvana's with hopes that I can still feel the hate that I'd build up on them but it was useless. I love Nirvana.

Kurt Cobain is one of my favorite musician; other of my favorite includes Bob Nesta Marley, Cove Reber and Anthony Green. Wanna know why I love Nirvana? I love them because every time I listen to their songs, flashbacks of my childhood memories become vivid at the back of my eyes. I love that feeling. I love it because many of my most beloved persons are there in my childhood :( . Time keeps moving on aite :) ?
2:58:00 AM


hey one of my friend just finished his last touches on a social-networking/music forum of his own. and it's kinda rad and cool actually. try and have a peek. www.musicloud.org :).

it's the place where you can search for musics you like and meet with new and old friends of yours, and you can connect it with Facebook! try dudes :) .
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skeptic or naive?

if the word 'if' can be bought, nothing will ever exists or succeed in this pathetic worthless world. All of us will dream and won't stop doing so, is that life? And when you're fed with something new, you flinched and pushed aside all of the new and blurry ideas in your mouth. "We flourish, spreading like a disease. Our goal is to eat everything we ever see." We're the breed who believes that it is the best to blend in and mingle with everyone rather than to strive out and reach for something bigger than communication, i think like KNOWLEDGE? without knowledge, communicating is like feeding corn flakes to a tiger. You can try, and risk losing one of your hands, or both, or worst still, your life? everything is awful when we have knowledge on our side, because the world as once said by our beloved Prophet Muhammad, "The world is similar to an old lady who seduces everyone she sees." See? Truth is ugly, no matter from what angle. But Islam, a forever true and true religion is never ugly. Islam as indicated in our holy Al-Quran, is not a religion, but a way of life. It is bigger than a religion. It is bigger than any ranks or positions, it is the words of Allah THE ALMIGHTY which serves as an everlasting reminder for fellow humans on ways to go through our everyday life. Islam is best described as something bigger than just a way of life, Islam is the infinite answer for every single doubt in our hearts.

*a picture of a big print of Al-Quran.*

Q; betul ke paderi2 Jesuit, Bishop pernah baca AL-QURAN dan mereka mnghafalnya? Saya pernah dengar yang gereja mengkajinya….. tapi sama ke macam orang islam mengkaji ?… tak mungkin sama…betul tak?

A; pertama kali kami berkenalan dgn Al-Quran selepas Nabi Muhammad diambil tuhannya, dan kami membaca dgn telinga, selepas Salahudin mati, kami membaca dengan mata,lidah,hidung,tangan,kaki dan kulit…. kami buka halaman pertama, kami baca kemudian kami datang kepada dunia dan hasilkannya.. kemudian kami buka halaman kedua, kami baca.. kemudian kami berkata “oh…macam ni rupanya kehidupan manusia diciptakan tuhan…… kita perlu lakukan sesuatu”.. kami datang kepada dunia dan hasilkanya.. kemudian kami buka halaman ketiga, kami baca… kemudian kami berkata “ alamak…tuhan buat begini pulak!!… kita tak boleh biarkan, kita mesti buat sesuatu” kami datang kepada dunia dan hasilkanya.. dan begitulah sehingga halaman terakhir….. dan siapakah kamu org islam pada hari ini? kamu melihat dunia yg kami hasilkan tadi , kemudian kamu datang kepada al-quran, kemudian kamu berkata “ apa ayat yg aku nak guna dan tampal bila aku berhujah di depan orang nanti?…ayat ni boleh la” kamu datang kepada dunia kemudian berkata “lihat dunia telah berlaku seperti ini….seperti itu,cuba rujuk ayat ini,,,,ayat itu…hadis ini…..hadis itu…..” kemudian kamu dgn bangga berkata “ inilah janji tuhan yang ayat al-quran dijamin tidak akan berubah” padahal kami sengaja membiarkan tulisan tulisan pada kertas itu kekal, kemudian kami berpura-pura hendak mengubah tulisan dan berpura-pura gagal supaya kamu berkata “inilah janji tuhan yang ayat al-quran dijamin tidak akan berubah” sungguh bijaksana orang islam…. janji tuhan disangkanya tulisan-tulisan…. Membuatkan raja mereka berkuasa ke atas agama dan adat sahaja telah menyebabkan rakyatnya berharap pada dakwat dan pena… dan hari ini mereka berlaga, dakwat siapa lagi pekat…..pena siapa lagi berkilat teramat besarlah jasa zaman penjajahan kepada tuannya..yang teramat mulia Paus…

Q; sedap je pak cik cakap…..kalau org2 pak cik x ubah tulisan pun, org2 kami al-hafiz n al-hafizah sememangya dah hafal penuhya AL-QURAN dan terjemahanya….. yg ni pun bukan janji TUHAN ke?

A; hafalan mereka hanyalah tulisan2….. apabila kamu bertanya tentang AL-QURAN kepada mereka….. Ingatan mereka akan kembali menjadi tulisan semula…. maafkn saya….tapi kalau kamu mahu lihat kebenaranya…pergilah uji mereka

Q; tadi pak cik cakap membaca AL-QURAN selepas Salahudin mati (wafat)… gaya pak cik cakap “BERKENALAN DGN AL-QURAN selepas Nabi MUHAMAD DI AMBIL TUHANNYA” tu… seolah2 org pak cik sangat hampir dengan peristiwa itu.. tak faham la saya…

A; sangat2 lah sukar untuk mengetahui rahsia AL-QURAN tanpa Nabi MUHAMAD, kami sempat belajar dengan memerhatikan sahabat-sahabatnya sahaja, mereka begitu sibuk menawan dunia… hampir suku bumi di bawah keamanan Islam. waktu itu, kami masih di padang pasir, tapi hampir tiada tanah lagi untuk kami berdiri, kerana terlalu sibuk melebarkan empayar, mereka telah cuai… kami membawa diri sehelai sepinggang meninggalkan tanah yang kami cintai lalu kami menemui suatu bumi yang tidak pernah kami bayangkan sebelum ini, bumi yang subur dengan tumbuhan, sungai yg mengalir deras dan sangat sejuk dan ada benda putih turun dari langit (salji). kami menemui suatu kaum yg sama kulit dan wajahnya seakan kami, dan kami spt pernah lihat dulu, tapi kami lupa…. dan alangkah terkejutnya kami kaum itu menyembah Nabi Isa !!!….. ya.. Nabi Isa yg kami bunuh dahulu !!!

*these Q&As are of a malaysian and a bishop in new york. our fellow malaysian is staying there with his uncle and accidentally met his neighbour(the bishop) and started talking about Islam and stuffs. Turned out the bishop knows almost everything about Islam. The original conversations are in english, but are translated for better understanding for all of us. for more info, check on the link i posted previously :) .
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Korang Islam eh? Korang mengucap dua kalimah syahadah eh?

http://www.dinar-emas.com/vatican.html tolong bukak link ni dan baca sampai habis. ketepikan lah rasa ego ke apa semua tu, bukak link ni sekejap dan habiskan baca. Islam itu segala-galanya bagi ummatnya. Kalau tak setuju, abaikan link ni. Aku bukan promo direct selling atau MLM, aku nak kongsi sesuatu tentang dunia yang sering dipuja dan disembah ni. Make your choice. Aku tak rugi ape ape, korang pon same. Sebarkanlah kalau sudi.