10:22:00 PM

dyed in the wool

i was once a hard headed boy who would love to spend every possible free times with blasting out amps at studios and sing out new cool songs. as i grew older, i realized that i am no longer playful as i usually am. i turned from spending a quarter of a day to spending 3 quarter of a day at home. i turned from a smoking machine to a tiny teapot letting off steam. i changed from thinking about me 24/7 to thinking about me only when needed. i changed from being a foul mouthed brat to a quiet little doormat.
i used to love to headbang real hard to songs just for the sake of it, but now i enjoy nodding my head to every beautiful lines that i'd read. there was a time of which i'd dreamt of playing on stage. and though i was given chances for that on even a tiny scale, i was never satisfied by any of it. i'm a greedy guy who wants people to 'eat' lines that i wrote. yeahh life's getting slower every possible moment but i couldn't find anything to grab hold to, still. things have changed, you know? i'm grateful for every moment of it. i'm not depressed, i'm not sad, i'm not even complaining. it's just that i've been thinking through a whole lot of things and i believe that i need to have a point of which i can refer to later in life and say "yeahh this explains those times real well. i remember it frame by frame now."

this is my point. this is the point that i will refer to, any days from now. Peace, Empathy, Pen Off.