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Frozen Creek

I enjoy writing songs because it gave me the dreams of being able to communicate with people by means of verbal and non-verbal noises clinging to each other. But I dare not say that I do well in this interest of mine as I couldn't make words come alive no matter how hard I try, and I still couldn't find that one special ingredient that would possibly make this broth of mine edible.

There's this one song by Circa Survive entitled 'Frozen Creek' that made me felt totally lost between every lines of words that Anthony sang, and both Ekstrom and Frangicetto made it felt like this song is actually crying. I'm sure that if I ever indulge to letting numbness takes over my brain again, this song will surely be the song that will drives me suicidal. It's not like I'm inclined to kill myself but all I'm trying to stress here is Circa Survive had successfully touched the back of my brain without having to smash my skull. I could listen to this song at any given time and will then start feeling empty the moment the first line of words come in. I've been a follower of Circa Survive ever since their very first album and I had barely managed to get myself out of their every hypnotic songs since then, yet this song made me felt like getting out isn't perhaps the best thing to do. I love my life and this song somehow made me realized that now. I do know that not everyone will share the same view as mine regarding this song, but for once, if you put yourself in the writer's position and you were to sing that song given all of the things the writer had went through then you'll know exactly what I mean. And it is stated in the band's official blog, during the process of making the album 'Blue Sky Noise' , Anthony had to be checked in to a mental institution due to what he states as a situation of "mentally bankrupt and ruined with self-doubt."

"I feel like it says a million things. It’s all in the album, and it’s all in the other albums. It’s a bunch of unsaid stuff that I haven’t recorded yet. Every album is a chapter and a step toward the truth. And you’re never going to get there, you just have to keep going and going. I want this record to be in the world. It only makes sense out there. I’m like a pregnant mother about to explode. I just want it out there. It’s weighing me down and I love it so much and I just want it to be alive so I can put it to my teat."
Anthony Green - on describing the band's third full-length album, 'Blue Sky Noise'

Peace, Empathy, Pen Off :')