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Stick to the golden rule; stay in school, fool.

Around 0400 on 12th of August; which is yesterday, a great lesson in life was learned.

i was busy doing an assignment, whilst the other dudes are goofing around as usual. Then din ajak g sahur, saya bersiap siap secepat mungkin sebab perot dah lapar kaw kaw. Everything was normal when suddenly din and azim told me to get all of the boys downstair 'cause there's a policeman who wants to do an inspection. I went down nauseated with many many questioning lingering in this head of mine. *Sebelum turun, sempat tgk brapa ramai polis ada depan rumah. Satu VAN D8! Smua dalam uniform. Yang kat rumah kitorang seorang pakcik with handcuffs hanging from his shoulder. HANDCUFFS dengan tekanan lebih di huruf S dekat hujung! All the other policemen were in the next door, doing urine tests to almost everyone there. I WAS PETRIFIED TO DEATH AT THAT EXACT MOMENT!*

polis kat rumah kitorang tanya, "brape orang yang hisap rokok dalam rumah ni?" dan saya antara yang terawal yang angkat tangan. A great offense is a great deffense aite? Then the cop asked some questions on age, background, etc and predictably latter he asked us this "siapa yg pernah ambik dadah?" . My heart stopped beating almost literally back then and my head had been flashing many many beloved faces of mine upon hearing that wretched question of his! I was going to say no when suddenly rahman chimed in with "kitorang takde sampai macam tu sekali cik. Rokok je paling teruk" . Pastu pakcik tu tanya lagi "boleh kitorang nak buat urine test kat semua orang?" and almost everyone there nodded with a yes. My thoughts went right on hysterical when suddenly that pakcik cakap "korang blaja leklok, jangan buat bukan bukan. Pakcik pun ada anak besar besar korang." and he asked us to write our names on a piece of paper. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .and thankfully that was just about it. Palotak dah pikir macam macam dah. Lepas pakcik tu keluar dari rumah, most of the boys came to me and said "nasib baik kau kali ni amer. Takyah la buat dah lepasni. Kau g tengok rumah sebelah, ape jadi. Kau nak kena camtu?"

lepas rumah kitorang settle dgn benda tu, kitorang sambung balik plan asal; sahur. Sebelum gerak, smpat tgk rumah sebelah. Budak2 rumah tu smua kena duduk style mcm dalam lokap lepas urine test. Budak2 rumah sebelah semuanya budak kelantan yang terlampau baik je dgn kitorang. After the night was done, we asked the guys next door what had happened and they told us some of the guys kena angkut masuk lokap. Rupa-rupanya rumah tu kena mark dgn polis,t ak tahu la samada sebab orang report atau pemeriksaan random.

BUT THAT COULD HAVE HAPPENED TO ME TOO! Walaupun saya selalu cuba untuk berbuat baik dengan semua orang, tak semestinya orang akan terima kesilapan saya. Thank you ALLAH for saving me yesterday. I'm owing you more now than ever ;')
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Nothing Is What It Seems Without You

Saosin has been my foremost favorite band way back in 2007 since i'd first listened to 'Voices' . Well yeah i'm late at it 'cause Saosin first debuted in the year 2002 with Anthony Green as the frontman, but i had pretty much STUDIED almost everything about them since then. My guitar-ing had improved few scales wider since i started playing Saosin's. I started practising singing in uber high notes that at one point i remembered having only HOT drinks to quench my thirst, and it continued for weeks then months. Although i still couldn't pretty much sing the exact note like Cove Reber *current frontman* , the least is i can sing in higher notes than before. Err whatever. Saosin had inspired reasons for a lot of things in my life, their lyrics are super genius yet in a way still managed to be true, their music defies trends and their attitudes are the best!

Saosin was a quick bloomer. Upon having their first EP released, their fanbase grew so effing large in such a short period that they were noted as 'the band with the greatest DIY marketing strategy'. EP was so phenomenal that they were soon offered a recording contract with Capitol Records which shook the bandmates so hard that it caused Anthony Green to leave the band. But it was all good, no bad blood or etc. Anthony stated that it was too fast for him and he wasn't ready to leave his family behind for this and so he left in the year 2003. The empty post was later taken in the same year 2003 by Cove Reber who was only 19 when he started for Saosin! He went from a complete no-one to the one with a promising future!

i had always been envying Jakarta because it was amongst the earliest land on Asia to ever have Saosin to perform. I had been counting hours and days that they might plan even maybe a mini show in Malaysia since their first show in Asia. Well my wait ended on the 2nd of February 2010 :) . The show was epic.

It worths the wait. It worths the comments i'd left on their Myspace. It worths the classes i'd skipped. It worths 2 days of no sleep. It worths the beloved guitar that i'd sold. It worths the songs i wrote. It worths reading their discography and Wikipedia entry. It worths viewing every video of them on YouTube. It was worth every single ounce of it ;')

main reason for this entry?
It is official, that Cove Reber had left the band ;'( . I am sooo superbly depressed