2:14:00 AM

bittersweet symphony

It's been a long time since I last used public transportation and I learnt something cool today, and I'm not sure why haven't I noticed this earlier in life. I was standing all the way from sg buloh to kl sentral then to gombak and I was superbly bored during the entire process of trying to be at Gombak in time. I was very in need of something to ease the boring-ness back then. Phone's battery was dead, no music to listen to. Air conditioning made it impossible to smoke *huh?* . Standing made it hard to have a nice read. So there i was, struck bored to death when suddenly i noticed something beautiful in presence. I closed my eyes, and yeah there it was, beauty in the form of sounds.

I heard friends having a say on their life dalam loghat penang, group of chinese talking about their studies and stuffs in rojak words of mandarin and english, a family of sikh with their little ones running around and having fun doing so, heard politeness in words spoken by youngsters to old people, a couple from somewhere in europe serenading a song in their language, old married couple having sweet talks, group of boys joking around, another couple of a caucasian man and an asian woman flirting and talking about places they've been to and a nice pompous man who greets with fullest of respect to everyone there.

I couldn't help but to smile there like someone who's on drugs. Life is indeed a beautiful symphony as it is, why bother writing another? Pen off :)