5:39:00 PM

Aidilfitri & Holidays.

I'm not into blogging like the way I used to, but I really feel like writing right now 'cause there's just too much things going on and I need a medium to untangle these knots in my head. So here it is; www.blogger.com. My way of sharing things. This year's Aidilfitri got me thinking about lots of things, adding more to my list of Things-To-Think. In shorter terms, it seems the day that I'd wished to never happen is slowly building up its courage to come to the front door. And come to think of it, many of these occasions happened either in Syawal or holidays. Just pointing it out, tho.

This Aidilfitri, was the second time in my life that I'd seen my father cried his eyes out, and it wasn't good for any of us. I barely managed to hold it in, tho. He is my role model and my all-time hero and seeing him in that situation really freaks me out. I really am not ready for any of this to happen. I haven't even tell him of how much he meant to me and all of the plans that I'd kept for the future, for him, for mother, for us. All that is well will surely ends well, right? I'll be waiting, and I hope that it's worth it 'cause I'll never know.