3:48:00 AM

Yes, that one.

It had been two long years. Yes, two. I'm not a soul to sell, but I'll pretty much sell myself out if I have to. There were enough times for everything but I had rather foolishly wasted it all just to think about it. I need to stop that, it won't change a thing even if it was a bit different back then. I won't last that long. No, not with the way I am. Just to clear it off my throat, yes I did and do think about it every single moment that I can. It's not like I'm obsessed, but it's more like I'm still in love with it. I just have to admit it, right? Well, nothing is really like what it seems nowadays. Peace.
9:21:00 PM

Mi Corazon.

Bros, you guys taught me everything about things that every boys should know. You taught me how to be a man, lessons learnt without any proper instructions. I learn from them, how to love myself. Thank you.

Sisters, you guys were there at moments of which laughter alone couldn't cope with broken hearts. Laughter knows how to die too, but there are things that was and is meant to last. I learn from them, how to love my feelings. Thank you.

Dad, you taught me to be responsible, to stand up for what is right and neglect those of the wrongs. You lifted me up high in the air with your words but with your words too I often crashed to points of surrender. You taught me to be strong, regardless of the endless tribulations in life. You taught me to cherish every moment 'cause you are my living proof that people age, but not memories. The stories of your life inspires me, your name itself means legend to me. You are a walking legend. I learn from you, how to love my life. Thank you.

Mom, you were there when I needed to laugh. You were there the moment I needed someone to blame, you were there the moment I needed something to cling onto, you were there when I fall, you were there behind every of my success. You nourish me good with your love, and with you I don't think any other nutrients are important. Calcium can't never beat you. You're way greater than those biological things. You, are what anomaly stands for. You'd shown to me that what is lost is still there somewhere, in a different shape and form. You are that shape and form. You may not be the first, but you're the first living thing that had ever stole my heart. I smile when you smile, I will only laugh when you laugh. And when you cry, it hurts me the most yet I know that there's not much that I can do now but I can assure you that as I grow older, we'll be living a better life. Better than you could ever imagined. I'll be there when your skin is all wrinkled up, and I will still be there even when your memories had gone berserk. You filled up a hole that I'd left empty for so long. You're that missing piece. I've been wrong for so long and I know that you'll never be able to read this, but believe me; I LOVE YOU. I learn from you, how to love and how to live. Thank you.

Peace, Empathy, Love Off :')