8:30:00 PM

Live or Die Trying ;)

a quick recap on this month's big events in life.

1: For my birthday, I felt super psyched because someone do care that my birthday fell on the same date with John Lennon's (except that i was born later in terms of year) . Yet, this wish changed it all "Amir....as ur Dad wanna say I love you much and pray for your bright future on your birthday..may Allah bless you..and I dont mind having a Rock Star as a son....". Thank you Sir Raja Chulan, you made this boy's birthday a meaningful one.

2: I'd eventually remembered almost all of my own written songs. It's hard when I can't seem to find my notepad which I'd used to wrote most of my songs with. Go Mr. Brain, you can do this!

3: Had a jamming session of which made me realized that this has gone too far un-eyed and we need to be super serious about making this thing real. The session was pretty much 'crooked' due to the long period of hiatus.

4: I'd finally used the McD gift certificate that I got for Aidilfitri. Had a late 'picnic' with a friend of mine in front of a lake eating those garbs. Had a serious talk about life and global issues.

5: Narrowly escaped an almost fatal accident which involved my friend's car. Fatal, because if the incident was slightly tweaked, my life might have had ended there. That incident got me thinking deep about life and all of my wrongdoings. I wanna change. I don't wanna die a sinner.

6: Felt that I'd spent too much time on stupid things and thought that I really need to put an end to this 'idiocracy' and start living. For that huge first step, I'd decided to have my hair cut short. A fresh start for a new beginning.

We talked about changing, but we didn't even changed the topic ;')