4:18:00 AM


i'm alone in this very late/early hour of a day and i've been looking up for weird backmasking (some songs will bring upon different meanings when played backwards!) videos on Youtube. and i am soooo freaking out rite now. FUCK. i wanna have my sleep at this exact moment!


there are still lots of other, but i don't have any time to post more links. i am soo freaked out that i need my sleep rite now. i'm seeing things everywhere! FUCK
3:33:00 AM


note to self: jangan pinjam barang dari orang lagi dah. dammn :( !
2:57:00 AM


this post will be the lamest post ever. trust me -.-

it's been a long while since I last listened to the old Silverchair album and I've been getting these awesome memories about the life I once had. The most pulsating effect caused would be from the song 'Miss You Love' ;') .I remember having this song played over and over before I went to school. awwhh the memories. and so off i go searching for some cool video of this song played live and yeah i found one. here it is http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hl4LULI5k0Q :) . what's so lame about that huh? well my eyes are all watery after seeing this video. clearly Daniel Johns is a very underrated songwriter and singer. 'cause you can actually see and feel the feelings he have for this song. i'm lame. hbu?

curse you all -.- hahaha
3:19:00 AM

open fire

silverchair silverchair silverchair. a band that spells my early teenage years.
"open fire, on my needs designed on my knees for you."

can't wait nak jamming silverchair. bile debet oi? haha
5:04:00 PM

which one?


this is Against The Wall. A pop punk/screamo/alternative band of friends of mine. I was ushered into this band as either as their 1st guitar or their vocal. but wait, there's this friend of mine, along with two of my old friends asking me to join their side project of grunge/progressive rock/alternative as guitar. Both sounds tempting! Both are of my favorite genre. i can't choose -.-

wait, there's still one left. a band i've been in for a long time now, playing death metal/speed metal/metalcore. now i really can't choose aite -.- ?
10:18:00 PM


i write shits known as lyrics usually when i'm tired. yeah i really meant 'PHYSICALLY' tired. i would feel even tired-er after writing some shits and there, sleeping is my arrangement, snoring is my chorus. aiiiii how can i be a musician if this is how i am.

Kurt Donald Cobain - he said that he would sang random stuffs and lines, and repeat it many times in most of songwriting process. Just look at his "On A Plain",

"It is now time to make it unclear
To write off lines that don't make sense
I love myself better than you
I know it's wrong so what should I do?
And one more special message to go
And then I'm done, and I can go home
I love myself better than you
I know it's wrong so what should I do?"

wtf? -.- Genius!

Thomas Matthew DeLonge - he said that he would write songs based on personal experience or imaginations. Just like in song "Asthenia", he imagined that he is an astronaut, drifting away in outer space. without any means of transportation. Yet, up there he started to think whether if Earth is still worth the price. but in most of his older songs, he said he would just sing some random stupid lines in record. Genius!

Robert Nesta Marley - the awesome-est genius! his idea of songwriting is 'get together, get a bong, get HIGH, get inspired, get a guitar, get famous.' done said.

three of my favourite songwriter. which method should i care to try more ;P ?
10:06:00 PM

Hellz yeahhhh !!

Lately i've been hanging out with many of my old friends and i'm starting to feel years younger than usual! helllzzz yeahhh.

i've been wanting to have a really committed band. i don't care about trends and market, i just wanna have fun with music and share my half of say about this world. baru baru ni jamming dgn mmber mmber lama. main lagu lagu lama yang kebanyakannya pasal teenage angst and i feel super superb! this is the spirit i've been looking for. SEMANGAT RABAKKK. zaman selekeh selekeh dulu. baru lahh kurt cobain :) .

i can feel it in me. something is growing itself in me wayyy faster than i could imagine. i could feel it again. i could taste it with my fingers. i am the old me again. i just wouldn't care lessss ;) . i am Going Rock Utill Next Generation Ends :) !!
i don't mind i don't mind i don't mind i don't mind. mind? i don't have a mind. haha.