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i write shits known as lyrics usually when i'm tired. yeah i really meant 'PHYSICALLY' tired. i would feel even tired-er after writing some shits and there, sleeping is my arrangement, snoring is my chorus. aiiiii how can i be a musician if this is how i am.

Kurt Donald Cobain - he said that he would sang random stuffs and lines, and repeat it many times in most of songwriting process. Just look at his "On A Plain",

"It is now time to make it unclear
To write off lines that don't make sense
I love myself better than you
I know it's wrong so what should I do?
And one more special message to go
And then I'm done, and I can go home
I love myself better than you
I know it's wrong so what should I do?"

wtf? -.- Genius!

Thomas Matthew DeLonge - he said that he would write songs based on personal experience or imaginations. Just like in song "Asthenia", he imagined that he is an astronaut, drifting away in outer space. without any means of transportation. Yet, up there he started to think whether if Earth is still worth the price. but in most of his older songs, he said he would just sing some random stupid lines in record. Genius!

Robert Nesta Marley - the awesome-est genius! his idea of songwriting is 'get together, get a bong, get HIGH, get inspired, get a guitar, get famous.' done said.

three of my favourite songwriter. which method should i care to try more ;P ?

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