10:06:00 PM

Hellz yeahhhh !!

Lately i've been hanging out with many of my old friends and i'm starting to feel years younger than usual! helllzzz yeahhh.

i've been wanting to have a really committed band. i don't care about trends and market, i just wanna have fun with music and share my half of say about this world. baru baru ni jamming dgn mmber mmber lama. main lagu lagu lama yang kebanyakannya pasal teenage angst and i feel super superb! this is the spirit i've been looking for. SEMANGAT RABAKKK. zaman selekeh selekeh dulu. baru lahh kurt cobain :) .

i can feel it in me. something is growing itself in me wayyy faster than i could imagine. i could feel it again. i could taste it with my fingers. i am the old me again. i just wouldn't care lessss ;) . i am Going Rock Utill Next Generation Ends :) !!
i don't mind i don't mind i don't mind i don't mind. mind? i don't have a mind. haha.

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