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"Fiat Sapienta Virtus"


For the subject Pengajian Malaysia, kami disuruh pergi ke mana mana lokasi bersejarah/penting di dalam Malaysia dan sediakan satu laporan menyeluruh serta video sebagai bukti kunjungan kami. Kami (Raja Muhammad Amiruddin, Muhammad Mustaqim, Muhammad Asyraf dan Muhammad Izzudin) telah berkunjung ke Malay College Of Kuala Kangsar.

Saya lahir di Hospital Daerah Kuala Kangsar dan pernah menetap sekejap di Kampung Talang, Kuala Kangsar. Sebelum ni selalu jugak balik KK, tetapi kebelakangan ni sudah jarang sebab family saya semakin busy with every upcoming years :( . But that's not the point here. KK was and is a great place, i held many sweet memories here. i remembered my first cendol there, i remembered our visit to Clifford High School, i remember having a nice stroll with my family around the Istana *stroll menaiki kereta. err what word should we use for that huh? :P * and most of my first Solat Sunat Aidilfitris there yet most importantly, my very first breath upon living, is THERE, in KUALA KANGSAR. Tapi semalam bila sampai KK jadi macam pening pening sikit sebab dah lama tak pergi. Rasa lain macam. Felt like an outsider -.- . shaitte! our first stop, rumah mus. sampai dalam pukul 2 pagi lebih jugak la. sampai sampai teros melantak nasik! wahhhh naik tren letih dan lapar bai. hahaha hisap rokok kretek, ape aku merepek?

MCKK. that name has a great value in my family. ayah saya, Mr. Raja Chulan bin Raja Ahmad Tajuddin dulu tidak dapat bersekolah di situ walaupun dahulu susur galur diraja diberi kelebihan berbanding pelajar biasa. ayah saya bersekolah di sekolah berhadapan MCKK, Clifford High School. bila masuk MCKK tadi, perasaan sebak macam rushing naik ke kepala. "ini dulu sekolah yang nenek aku nak bapak aku masuk bai!" . i kept having thoughts as that running to and fro vividly in my head. dayym!

we did some interview with the students and some staff there. ape yang paling aku suka dan respect pasal student dorang, bile bercakap dgn dorang, they talk like they were reading from a well-written text! dorang memang hidup dalam sejarah dorang. they feel proud and great having an emblem written "Fiat Sapienta Virtus" pinned on their bright white uniform. we did an interview dengan seorang pelajar senior, and hellz yeah 5 years there do teach him lots of things! fyi, MCKK had successfully gave birth to many great triumph of memorable names in Malaysia. MCKK is also known as 'The Eton of The East' and 'Gateway to High Ranks' . reason(s)? do your research peeps. again, life ain't free mate. shortly said, our 2nd PM, Anwar Ibrahim, Hishammudin, Raja Petra, Sultan Azlan Shah and etc. if you want a list of successful old boys (pelajar lepasan MCKK diberi gelaran Old Boys), that list alone could be as the same length as this boring post of mine :) .

whatever. i'm just a rambling machine went short. Pen Off :)
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must-have criterias to be a leader of an organisation/party/COUNTRY

1. Is great with vocabulary and can read from a text superbly well.

2. Knows how to put on faces accordingly to any given situation. Those with a beautiful set of teeth will go far with politics.

3. Great with sweet talks. Knows how to bluff and bullshit his/her way through the organisation's many eyes and hearts and will not have even the tiniest of remorse rising upon doing so.

4. Has a great background, be it from the aspect of academic or even financial state.

5. Must be a great actor/actress who can play well for any given character.

6. Will do almost any-everything to gain stable financial stance, including having the world's largest casino in terms of employment despite the fact that his/her association/country is 'said'-ly of Islamic traits.

7. Has a back up plan for any possible problems that may occur. Groceries are not selling well? "Increase the import quota for alcohol and ciggs." Lot reserved for a mosque is developing slow and consuming loads of money? "Abandon the whole project and have the lot re-cleared to make way for a big shopping mall." A religion/way of life from GOD is outdated nowadays? "'Renew' the religion with nice new names (such as Hadhari) and new beliefs." People choose money over honey? "Well money is the source of all creations aite?"

8. Knows how to make a great use of an old unused concept (adaptation) . The society is breaking apart merely because of racism values lately. "When the kids are united, they will never be united." a strong association is a success when unity is taken seriously into matter. Israel is a strong 'country' and they were united due to a concept realised back in the '80s. The concept was known as 'One Israel' . 1Malaysia sounds nice huh?

9. A leader is clearly a successful one when even the truth couldn't bring him/her down.

So is our leader a great one? YES, because eventhough I'm writing nothing but only of sheer truth, I'm still a nobody who couldn't make any differences to this 'rightfully-pompous' association of ours. Think I'm bluffing eyh? Do your research peeps and you'll agree with these humble opinions of mine. Pen Off :)
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Dendang Perantau

Puasa dah dekat. Antara budak budak rumah sewa, saya duduk kat area paling dekat; Gombak, tp rindunye, ya Allah! Seminggu tak balik rasa rindu kaw kaw! Haaiih, then what about ipoh huh? Perak is where my soul is and yeah it's been quite a long time since my last visit there. How's everyone doing? What's new? I need thousands of answers for these wordless questions lingering in this head of mine. Rumah ni lagu raya bukan kemaen lg play tak habis habis ;') . Please please wait me there everybody, i wanna see every single of you so very desperately!
5:37:00 AM

vert picnic

at malacca. for my very very first show with ZAIHEIRILL ZAINUDDIN, MUHAMMAD MUAZZAM and MUHAMMAD FADHLAN with ZAKEY AZHAR as our 'photographer'. haha no lah. he's there with us for moral support and having fun. FADHLAN and ZAKEY are not in the picture.

this? don't ask. from left ZAKEY,ME and FADHLAN. don't ask why the face!

picture taken right after the Saosin's show at the KL Live Center, February 1st 2010. and fyi, tho m sure it's obvious that Saosin is my favorite band ever, together in line with blink 182 and Devildriver. from left; me (-.-), IZZAT FADHULLLAH and YON/ZAIHEIRULL.

ipoh. balik raya. think the year was errr last year i think. with my sisters. from left RAJA IZZATUL SAADAH, RAJA SAJIDATUL BARIRAH, RAJA NUR CZARINA, RAJA HABIBATUL ZAHARAH and me. haihhhh kenangan ;')

taman batu muda. skatepark. i was never really really good with skateboarding but hellz yeah it is one of my favorite sport up until now. miss those days :( .

haha smk sungai kertas. yahh laugh about the name lah. adoi. i started secondary in SMK SULTAN BADLISHAH, Kulim, Kedah. i was there until form 3 but then something went terribly wrong and. . . senang citer takleh sekolah situ dah la :P . and so i was sent back to gombak into this school, smk sungai kertas. aihhhh. time muda semua benda nak try ek? life goes on :) . from left: KHIRUL HILMI, FUAD MUSTAFFAR, me and MUHAMMAD AZIZI.

time ni bulan puasa. dekat bazaar ramadhan :) . muka ZAIHEIRILL masih macam anak cina lagi time ni dan jamal masih lagi kuat pengaruh Kurt Cobain. hellz yeah. from left; jamal and zai.

nice stupid playground eyt? haha me with seorang kawan yang terlampau terbaik. terterterbaik. ade ke ayat cenggitu? muhammad zein terbaik. get to know him and you'll really know how a crazy friend really is. he's now serving as one of our country's line of defense. askar bai. haiihh kau terbaek mat :') . balik la gombak bro.

baru balik sekolah. no long-and-really-straight-hair back then. and not much of zits too! daymm!

kasut bawak pegi sekolah. i was never a teacher's pet ok. UPSR dapat 5a, PMR dapat 7a but then masa bersekolah dekat SMK SUNGAI KERTAS, semuanya drop. SPM 3a je -.- . whatever la kan? haha.

rooftop selayang mall. time serong sekolah. haha.

upon arriving at malacca for our first show, we stopped at uitm malacca sebab FADHLAN nak gi jumpa kekasih hati dier jap :)

baru lagi rasenye gambar ni. berjalan jalan di kotaraya kuala lumpur dengan AFNAN MERICAN NOORDIN dan FIRDAUS ABDULLAH(sepupu afnan).

my other half of music. besides playing alternative/grunge with guys stated earlier, i also play pop punk/screamo with these guys. check them out on MySpace and Facebook, type in Against The Wall :) . from left NAIM RUKI, MUHD KAMAL and YON/ZAIHEIRULL.

against the wall after a jamming session. ZAIHEIRULL and KHALEED.


sorry. but i just can't help reminiscing my past at the back of my eyes. so i started looking for these old pictures and hellz yeah they rules. time moves on aite? so get out and get busy living or die trying :) . have a fun meaningful life everyone :) . Pen Off.