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vert picnic

at malacca. for my very very first show with ZAIHEIRILL ZAINUDDIN, MUHAMMAD MUAZZAM and MUHAMMAD FADHLAN with ZAKEY AZHAR as our 'photographer'. haha no lah. he's there with us for moral support and having fun. FADHLAN and ZAKEY are not in the picture.

this? don't ask. from left ZAKEY,ME and FADHLAN. don't ask why the face!

picture taken right after the Saosin's show at the KL Live Center, February 1st 2010. and fyi, tho m sure it's obvious that Saosin is my favorite band ever, together in line with blink 182 and Devildriver. from left; me (-.-), IZZAT FADHULLLAH and YON/ZAIHEIRULL.

ipoh. balik raya. think the year was errr last year i think. with my sisters. from left RAJA IZZATUL SAADAH, RAJA SAJIDATUL BARIRAH, RAJA NUR CZARINA, RAJA HABIBATUL ZAHARAH and me. haihhhh kenangan ;')

taman batu muda. skatepark. i was never really really good with skateboarding but hellz yeah it is one of my favorite sport up until now. miss those days :( .

haha smk sungai kertas. yahh laugh about the name lah. adoi. i started secondary in SMK SULTAN BADLISHAH, Kulim, Kedah. i was there until form 3 but then something went terribly wrong and. . . senang citer takleh sekolah situ dah la :P . and so i was sent back to gombak into this school, smk sungai kertas. aihhhh. time muda semua benda nak try ek? life goes on :) . from left: KHIRUL HILMI, FUAD MUSTAFFAR, me and MUHAMMAD AZIZI.

time ni bulan puasa. dekat bazaar ramadhan :) . muka ZAIHEIRILL masih macam anak cina lagi time ni dan jamal masih lagi kuat pengaruh Kurt Cobain. hellz yeah. from left; jamal and zai.

nice stupid playground eyt? haha me with seorang kawan yang terlampau terbaik. terterterbaik. ade ke ayat cenggitu? muhammad zein terbaik. get to know him and you'll really know how a crazy friend really is. he's now serving as one of our country's line of defense. askar bai. haiihh kau terbaek mat :') . balik la gombak bro.

baru balik sekolah. no long-and-really-straight-hair back then. and not much of zits too! daymm!

kasut bawak pegi sekolah. i was never a teacher's pet ok. UPSR dapat 5a, PMR dapat 7a but then masa bersekolah dekat SMK SUNGAI KERTAS, semuanya drop. SPM 3a je -.- . whatever la kan? haha.

rooftop selayang mall. time serong sekolah. haha.

upon arriving at malacca for our first show, we stopped at uitm malacca sebab FADHLAN nak gi jumpa kekasih hati dier jap :)

baru lagi rasenye gambar ni. berjalan jalan di kotaraya kuala lumpur dengan AFNAN MERICAN NOORDIN dan FIRDAUS ABDULLAH(sepupu afnan).

my other half of music. besides playing alternative/grunge with guys stated earlier, i also play pop punk/screamo with these guys. check them out on MySpace and Facebook, type in Against The Wall :) . from left NAIM RUKI, MUHD KAMAL and YON/ZAIHEIRULL.

against the wall after a jamming session. ZAIHEIRULL and KHALEED.


sorry. but i just can't help reminiscing my past at the back of my eyes. so i started looking for these old pictures and hellz yeah they rules. time moves on aite? so get out and get busy living or die trying :) . have a fun meaningful life everyone :) . Pen Off.

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