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Gecko :)

True Story :)

A friend of a friend of a friend of mine owns a pretty big gecko weighing almost 600g, and one of my other friend has this friend who's been searching for geckos for a pretty bountiful amount of cash. In my head, I'm thinking hundreds of ringgit would do the price but oh how foolishly I was to assume such small number. After a long and rather complicated explanation from a friend of mine, I'd finally understood the reasoning behind the high price. Wait, I haven't told you the price yet huh? It is said that the normal price for a 350g+ gecko would go between RM100k and RM150k, loose and easy. Now what if the gecko weighs approximately 600g? DO THE MATH PEOPLE!

I have nothing to do with the gecko nor with the owner, but just now I'd went to see the buyer's middle man (which is a friend of my friend) together with the guys and I was taken aback from the whole conversation. Orang tengah tu ialah lelaki Sabah yang juga student UNISEL. He asked a lot of questions regarding the gecko and he'd stressed plentiful times during the conversation to never let this transaction be a small matter in eyes. Sebab dia cakap buyer tu bukan calang calang orang dan selalunya transaksi macamni mesti ada senjata api terlibat sebab duit yang nak letak tu bukan sikit, RATUSAN RIBU KOT! Sepanjang perbualan, saya buat cool, padahal dalam hati trbayang kes Dato' Sosilawati. Samalah jugak macam kawan kawan yang lain. Kalau beli barang ratusan ringgit tu tak pernah la nak gugup ke apa tapi ini lain. I want out!

Tapi, setelah difikirkan balik, saya rasa gecko merupakan haiwan yang tersangat comel! Saya rasa macam nak beli dan bela seekor tapi tau tak harga anak gecko yang paling kecik ialah RM250. Damn -.-
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Where's my fucking T shirt? Dang, I need that baby right now!

Why are you ditching me? All those times shared made me felt so sure about having you until we just won't fit each other anymore, but I was truly wrong! Damn you T shirt. I should have picked that red one -.-