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Where's my fucking T shirt? Dang, I need that baby right now!

Why are you ditching me? All those times shared made me felt so sure about having you until we just won't fit each other anymore, but I was truly wrong! Damn you T shirt. I should have picked that red one -.-

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fishtri said...

"we just won't fit each other anymore." are you calling me or something? hahaha.

p/s: please stop obsessing over that piece of shit. eh, shirt - i mean, SHIRT :)

himynameisamer said...

Shit? My baby isn't a piece of shit. That hurts fitri ;'(

fishtri said...

okay raja muhammad amiruddin, my bad.

p/s: aku dh naik hafal macam mana nak eja nama kau. this isnt good -__- hahahaha.

himynameisamer said...

hafal lah nombo i.c aku sekali eh fitri ;) ?

fishtri said...

boleh mer. bak kata Nicole Scherzinger, "whatever you like" hahahahaha

himynameisamer said...

T.I pon cakap camtu jugak :)

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