9:00:00 PM

newer me.

it has been so long since i'd last had my hair cut short, so i'd decided to cut my hair short. done said :)

Peace, Empathy, Pen Off :')
3:35:00 AM

yes, you.

you're a real darling,
and a real pain the very next second.
you're the only one who would listen to my every nonsense and craps,
yet you're also the one who would condemn me to my very core.
you gave it all, though i'd never even gave anything in return yet.

thanks mom :')
4:47:00 AM

what's with you?

i speak foully, but that doesn't count you in as a saint.
i act wrongly, but wouldn't you do the same?

i hate seeing faces, i hate being the losing party,
i hate to be traced, and i hate to be an anomaly.
i fucking hate almost anything nowadays. what the fuck is wrong with everyone?

Peace, Empathy, FUCK OFF!