7:46:00 PM

woman (:

i'd read a pretty interesting hadith recently. i can't remember it whole, but i sure do remember the crucial point of it. here goes.

rasulullah brsabda:"seorang wanita itu ibarat tulang rusuk yang bengkok. jikalau kita brkeras untuk meluruskannya, ia akan patah. kalau kita biarkan ia, ia akan bengkok selamanya."
what i'm trying to stres s is, be gentle ;) .

7:31:00 AM

good morning (:

assalamualaikum dudes & dudettes :)
today's lesson is:LOVE

L-ust,O-bscenity,V-ulgarity and E-eeww (: .i'm not a lonely anti-social dude but in my head,love is spelled that way.well at most,nowadays it is.i miss texting someone all day long,bergayut hours long and PDA-ing all streets long.but,i enjoy thinking all day long,guitar-ing hours long and crazy-ing all streets long even more.i 'love' my life ;) .no wait,i err 'like' it (?) .
3:02:00 AM

i was young but i wasn't naive.

here is a list of my favorite songs to play guitar to and sing when am depressed and down. enjoy ;) . 10.Escape the Fate-Harder Than You Know 9.Secondhand Serenade-It's Not Over 8.Sum 41-With Me 7.blink 182-What Went Wrong 6.Green Day-Time of Your Life 5.Leaving (my own song) 4.Lifehouse-Blind 3.Lifehouse-You and Me 2.Lifehouse-Hanging by a Moment 1.Alter Bridge-Watch Over You yahh im soft inside. but i can still kick and burn ur asses down ;)