10:01:00 PM

Dearest You.

I used to love to write things up on Facebook before i started blogging. I was just having fun browsing through lots of the things that i had once wrote minutes ago and i found this. A poem i wrote for my most beloved person ever. I'm not gonna spill you up the identity, but IF you were to read between the lines then you might just figure who this poem was intended to. No matter who you are, or from where you are, I guarantee you that this poem can be easily deciphered :) .

we are the only possible twos in one.
yet i can't remember the falls i've taken for you.
i don't seem to remember the laughs we'd shared but surely,
i wouldn't forget your very name.
i saw you once in my dream.
nothing but words, written to possibly wrote the impossibility, of this enigma.
i knew i used to love every single thing about you,
but would you be mad if i'm saying that i hardly remember you now.?
i'm sorry if i turned out exactly as what you'd never wanted.
i'm sorry if i turned as sour as anyone can be.
i'm sorry if i turned the wrong turns.
i'm sorry if i'd turned out instead of staying in.

i couldn't help but to think of every possibilities, every words and acts,
that might have happened if we are still one.
we started one.
me, from within you.
n thus, one, shall we end as well.
us inside the very soil that gives us life.

i couldn't help to help anymore.
i rather be helped.
oh i really need you.
oh i really miss you.
i can't seem to find any rights in all my wrongs.
i can't see how and why.
i just know now and sky.
forgive me.
accept me.
love me, if it is still possible.
but please, hear me anyone.
i miss you.

Peace :)