10:36:00 PM

4-Wheeled Drive (Pt. 2)

4 nights in a row. Non-stop skateboarding. My thighs are killing me. Been bathing with sweats. More and more cuts. Lack of sleep.

So as always, we went skateboarding again last night and stopped at dawn. I reached home at around 0720, but I forgot to bring the keys, plus no one is in the house 'cause they all had left for work. I was left to stand there in front of my own house looking dumbstruck and clueless. My tired physique made it much harder for my head to think straighter and I really felt like punching someone out back then. With nowhere to rest my head off, I went to a friend's house and decided to lay my scratched body there. I finally slept at 0900+ something. Later at 1200 I woke up to find out that my friend was getting prepared to send his sister to school, so I had to once again find another sweet spot to sleep. This time, I was determined that I will sleep in my own house, my room, my own bed, no matter what. Even if I have to slam the door down! Upon reaching the house, I noticed that my mom's arrived home from work and hence, the nightmare ended and later led to a great recovery sleep that took out half of my day. With this done said, it will be a great idea to currently slow down these skateboarding activity for these wounds and cuts to heal and make room for the future ones (and also to avoid this tiring incident ever again -.- ) . Peace, Empathy, Skate-off :)