5:19:00 AM

Changing :)

You fall apart each time you start to say goodbye but there is nobody watching. You flashed your grip, you start to slip but don't know why, and this is just the beginning. You had the hopes to make it last, now it's moving fast and now you're realizing that in the past those dreams you had made people feel like you were just reciting.

Bathing in the afterglow of chance and luck and pride, where we end up we could never know. All I know is we seem to be changing, it's better to turn and walk away. Fading, all these lights just turn to grey, but the strange thing is that I don't feel a thing.

This is just an act, stop holding back. The things you lost cannot replace what's missing. And from the start you'd played the part and now your heart becomes a great deception.

Go figure. Peace, Empathy, Pen off :)