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must-have criterias to be a leader of an organisation/party/COUNTRY

1. Is great with vocabulary and can read from a text superbly well.

2. Knows how to put on faces accordingly to any given situation. Those with a beautiful set of teeth will go far with politics.

3. Great with sweet talks. Knows how to bluff and bullshit his/her way through the organisation's many eyes and hearts and will not have even the tiniest of remorse rising upon doing so.

4. Has a great background, be it from the aspect of academic or even financial state.

5. Must be a great actor/actress who can play well for any given character.

6. Will do almost any-everything to gain stable financial stance, including having the world's largest casino in terms of employment despite the fact that his/her association/country is 'said'-ly of Islamic traits.

7. Has a back up plan for any possible problems that may occur. Groceries are not selling well? "Increase the import quota for alcohol and ciggs." Lot reserved for a mosque is developing slow and consuming loads of money? "Abandon the whole project and have the lot re-cleared to make way for a big shopping mall." A religion/way of life from GOD is outdated nowadays? "'Renew' the religion with nice new names (such as Hadhari) and new beliefs." People choose money over honey? "Well money is the source of all creations aite?"

8. Knows how to make a great use of an old unused concept (adaptation) . The society is breaking apart merely because of racism values lately. "When the kids are united, they will never be united." a strong association is a success when unity is taken seriously into matter. Israel is a strong 'country' and they were united due to a concept realised back in the '80s. The concept was known as 'One Israel' . 1Malaysia sounds nice huh?

9. A leader is clearly a successful one when even the truth couldn't bring him/her down.

So is our leader a great one? YES, because eventhough I'm writing nothing but only of sheer truth, I'm still a nobody who couldn't make any differences to this 'rightfully-pompous' association of ours. Think I'm bluffing eyh? Do your research peeps and you'll agree with these humble opinions of mine. Pen Off :)

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