5:04:00 PM

which one?


this is Against The Wall. A pop punk/screamo/alternative band of friends of mine. I was ushered into this band as either as their 1st guitar or their vocal. but wait, there's this friend of mine, along with two of my old friends asking me to join their side project of grunge/progressive rock/alternative as guitar. Both sounds tempting! Both are of my favorite genre. i can't choose -.-

wait, there's still one left. a band i've been in for a long time now, playing death metal/speed metal/metalcore. now i really can't choose aite -.- ?

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Inswins Haguest said...

Ye ker nih..?
Biar betol..?
huhu..!! touching sket dah nih.. :(

himynameisamer said...

haha itu la yang aku tulis aku takleh nak pilih da ni. aduhaii :(

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