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blink 182 - Stockholm Syndrom

i'm not posting the lyrics for the above song. i'm posting the trance-like monologue at the beginning of the song.it was a letter written by mark hoppus's granddad to her grandmum *tak silap aku lah* during perang dunia ke-2 kot. the song was entitled Stockholm Syndrome because of the syndrome itself.
Stockholm Syndrome is when you're being paranoid over the simplest things, and you can't seem to avoid the feelings that you're a book that everyone reads. despite the numerous toilet-humor songs of blink 182, this one stands out along with few of others as their sensitive songs. again, this is not a song lyric. this is basically a love letter that a soldier sent to his loved one :) .

*blink 182*

My Dearest,
I've missed you very, very much since that last night we were together,
and will hold that night specially in my memories years to come.
I've been turning it over and over in my mind lately.
I've read your letter through at least four times,
and will probably read it more times before I'm through.
I've been sitting here, looking at your picture,
and getting more homesick every minute.
I've wanted that picture more than anything else I know of,
except of course, you yourself.
I keep thinking of you darling,
keep wishing I could be home with you.
I want to leave in the worst possible way
so I can come home to see you but,
things don't look so good on that subject.
This war has spoiled a lot of things for everyone i guess,
I've never been so lonesome in my life as i am right now.
I'm completely lost without you darling.
I never realised i could miss any one person so much,
I just hope it wont be too much longer until im able to be with you again
and live a sane and normal life...


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