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Jurus Kepala Di Awangan.

i noticed that many people uses the Internet as a place where they can mock and curse at people they don't dare to in front. i'm not like them. i'm a guy and that clearly explains everything. mengumpat tak best. macam pengecut nak cakap depan depan. heh. my mom's PC baru format dan semua lagu lagu aku dalam tu hilang teros. banyak kot. dari segala blink 182 sampai ke segala avenged sevenfold bagai. aduh. but then, my brother just moved back into our house, because he's assigned to be working here at Gombak. so i was thinking perhaps his PC still have all of my mp3s, which was larger in quantity than at my mom's. but yeah world is fair. "the things you lost cannot replace what's missing." T.T adoi. rupenye dier dah delete lama dah.

moving on. lately i've been listening to a lot of Nirvana and i'm afraid it's been too much that i started feeling those teenage-angst-revolution starting over again in me. urghh udah udah le amir. kau dah 19. bukan zaman sekolah nak gile gile remaje -.- but it feels great. 'cause listening back to those old stuffs, my passion for guitar slowly builds up higher than before. antara dorongan utama start main gitar dulu, metallica dan nirvana. my brother taught me those. later when i was 14, terjebak pulak dgn music seluar 3 quarter londeh dan spikey hair. terjerumus ke punk rock. wahhh ade gak kesinambungan ideolog kurt cobain? tapi PUNK ROCK berbeda habis dgn grunge. adoii.

kaki abu capik,
ape aku merepek? -.-

*note to self = amer, cuba berjalan lurus. pasti boleh! *

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