5:22:00 AM

can i?

i try to smile upon the saddest of your looks,
and laugh with every tears you drop loose,
i try to grin with every frown you pose,
with my every hopes to see you froze,
but i care too much to let you cry,
and i know too less to see you die.

my shadow lingers at my forehand,
it carries a sign i couldn't comprehend.
these open palms of mine feel bland,
yet i wouldn't want to ever understand,

i couldn't bare to,
i wouldn't dare to.

mengisi masa lapang. jari gatal nak tekan tekan -.-
kadang kadang aku risau ada orang pikir aku ni lelaki yang tak stabil emosi pon ade.
*post ini tidak membawa sebarang erti ke dalam hidup saya, melainkan hanya untuk digelakkan pada masa akan datang ;) .*

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