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Kurt Donald Cobain

A talking action figure of Sir Kurt Donald Cobain. I wonder where can I have this stuff 'cause it sure looks rad :) .

Speaking of Kurt Donald Cobain, I still remember the first time I listened to Nirvana. I was just 7 or 8. I was forced to listen to it by one of my brother. Even at that age, I'd already found Oasis and The Offspring very tempting. On the other hand, I don't really find Nirvana as a great band at that time. They rather sounded over-distorted and too crunchy in most of their songs. I REJECTED THEM WHOLE. It was not long though, because I can still sing to their tunes even when the truth shows that I'm not a fan. It was when my brother told me that Kurt Cobain was remembered FOR his death that shook me. I felt like a fool for denying the actual facts that I actually loves the loud noises of Kurt, Dave and Pat. Later on growing up, I listened back to Nirvana's with hopes that I can still feel the hate that I'd build up on them but it was useless. I love Nirvana.

Kurt Cobain is one of my favorite musician; other of my favorite includes Bob Nesta Marley, Cove Reber and Anthony Green. Wanna know why I love Nirvana? I love them because every time I listen to their songs, flashbacks of my childhood memories become vivid at the back of my eyes. I love that feeling. I love it because many of my most beloved persons are there in my childhood :( . Time keeps moving on aite :) ?

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