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where oh where?

back when i was 14 or so, i tend to have lots of my free times spent on songwriting. i wouldn't say that i was achieving for quality, it was rather more on quantity. i wrote on simple things back then. there's a song me and friends of mine wrote about one of our warden back in SMK SULTAN BADLISHAH, entitled "Abang Johari" . it was chop suey-ly done but that song was a blast among students because Cikgu Johari wasn't really a favorite amongst us. it was fun. and there's this another song we wrote untuk hari persembahan asrama. lagu melayu yang rasanya takde tajuk *or maybe i forgot already* yang kitorang tulis dan arrange hampir setiap hari. that song was one of my favourite. it was soothing. balik sekolah, main lagu tu. lepas makan, main lagu tu. lepas prep, main lagu tu. takleh tido, main lagu tu. bila hari persembahan yang ditunggu tu tiba, kitorang tukar sikit lirik lagu last minute and the singer went right on nervous and he didn't even sing a word on that very day. but it was a very blissful moment when suddenly some students from the audience at the back are singing along to the song that we didn't even sing ;') . bukan setakat member lelaki, yang perempuan sekali sebab kitorang practice selalunye memekak sampai orang boleh dgr. sampaikan dorang boleh hafal :) . touching ;')

later in life, i learnt many many new stuffs and i tend to write more on heavy sensitive issues rather than the easy-listening stuffs. i wrote more on humanity and love. i even tried on political issues but i was never great at that subject. there are many good songs written back then, but i was aiming high. good won't do, yet great will barely suffice. i was aiming for excellency. good songs are kept aside until at one point i couldn't even remember the melody of my own written songs. berlagak la katakan. rasa diri dah cukup bagus. padahal tulis merapu.

but seriously, the point of me posting this entry is because nak mengadu yang sekarang ni saya nak tulis lagu pon tak reti langsung dah. haiiihhh ;'( . another beloved hobby went lost. Peace, Empathy, Pen Off :'*

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zalila zainal said...

why got pak jo? haiyo. tak pernah nak market-kan that song :)

himynameisamer said...

kat hostel dulu selalu main lagu ni :) . budak budak lelaki ramai la jugak tahu lagu ni :)

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