4:29:00 PM

All Of Me

My morning as my eyes see,
There are buses and kids,
So early as it seems,
Yet the clock is struck hour at two , sometimes six,
With the sky horrific now like nostrils,
I can't spell humane in humanity,
Only human.
Educated only with ink,
We tend to write but not to think.
All in all, I could care less.

My afternoon as my eyes see,
Fields are endowed,
One with the footsteps of playing kids,
Another, with the circuits of metal applying forces with steel.
My hands left bare,
Asking for germination of ideas.
Yet bare naked now with secrets,
I'm eyed with doubt with regrets.
All in all, I could care less.

My evening as my eyes see,
The skies are black,
Overshadowing the blackness of greed over hunger.
The speeches are weak,
Over spoken with speaking actors and colleagues.
Sex is running on a leak,
Like the infamous dinner of ribs and steaks.
Like holy ghosts and talk show hosts,
I saw it all.
All in all, I could care less.

My night as my eyes see,
Everyone is gone,
Everything is alone.
My heart skips every of its beat,
My mind twists like a sickening lovefreaks,
My mouth is sharpening with licks,
With the remembrance of my day.
The door is opened wide,
but I know nothing like white.
White lies are spread over my rugs,
How could I?
All in all, I could care less.

I try to reach and preach,
To those that I love;
Which here and hereafter means;
Everyone that I know and haven't,
To teach me to live your ways,
'Cause I can't seem to find any sanity,
In having,
Sex with everyone that I met,
A laugh on a person's error,
Cursing like the wind blows,
Fighting over the smallest matters,
Alcohol-stenched breath.
I'm outdated if it is what you call.
I don't know,
'Cause I've been having this idea that this is DIGNITY.
Am I wrong?
Am I right?
All in all, who wouldn't care less?

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