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4-Wheeled Drive

I've been practicing more now than ever on skateboarding. It was once a favorite hobby of mine, but then I started to feel bored because of the slow progress that I made. Up until recently, I had grown more passionate about skateboarding. I love everything about it now, and I will try to never ever be pissed off of the speed of my progress. I know that I'm a bit slow in learning something new, but that won't be of any barrier between me and this new old hobby of mine :) .

Despite all of this that I've said, I still couldn't find enough confidence to play in a skatepark. 'Cause the skatepark that I usually go to is a place crammed full with dudes that do stuffs that I can't never do in months, or maybe years. And so I decided to go street skateboarding with some of my close friends at the town. We played and played from dark to dawn. Two continuous nights had definitely took the toll off me. I'm aching all over, and my body now seems to be enjoying every of its new scratches and cuts. These two tiring nights had made me realized why I wasn't making any much of a progress before, it is simply because I had never learnt to fall. Yes, because when I first started playing I started safe. There were many tiny errors, but never an epic fall. Now, I can simply say that I'm happy if I were to fall ever again, because only then can I say that I'm learning. The same as with life, we should really be happy to fall so that we can learn to appreciate the ups much better. Happy skating everyone :) . Peace, Empathy, Pen Off :)

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