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am currently in Gombak, but I really haven't went home yet. I've been sleeping at my friend's house ever since the arrival. things aren't the same anymore, you see. i don't feel as content as I usually do whenever I'm here. last year was a blast, if you'd asked me. and so will this year, I presume. but something's not quite right and i'm not sure what the hell is it, but it's not right. i've been thinking of big things lately, mostly about my parents and how were they doing while i'm gone. in pretty much shorter words, i'm homesick and it's been bugging me more often. i'm not 'homesick' in the sense that i want to go home, i'm 'homesick' in a sense that i miss to have a place to be called HOME.
life's been spinning slow but it's only because i chose it to be that way. yet, this is not the speed i'd wished for. if only time and space is 'turnable' then that would be a necessity in my home. friends are still the same, still awesome. and so is my family! but i dunno, there's something about something that made this all seems. . .i dunno. different? i guess, maybe because we're getting older day by day and i just couldn't find a way to digest that fact as it is. i refuse to grow up. done said.

heh, whatever fuck it is that i'm babbling about here, it's surely is a mental one. i need to stop -.- . Peace, Empathy, Pen Off.

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Fitri Neenja said...

wow, this is a very rare post - especially when it comes from you. typically you have this habit to do philosophical posts about life, death, life again, music and gecko HAHAHAHA

himynameisamer said...

gecko? -.- well i suppose i, too can have a second thought about being home you know.

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