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Heh, I remember this :P

I was strolling through my Myspace account and I stumbled upon this, a poem that I wrote some times in last year. I'd completely forgotten about this but now that I'd found it, I was pretty dazed by it. *haha* enjoy :)

a life once told,
as an unfolding labyrinth.
i held up names of everyone in the grip of my hearts,
i seen it all torn as the golden sun rays burn it whole.
i had no regrets on missing chapters,
but i do regret of never been trying to write an epilogue of my own.
i refuse to cry when i'm dyed by the rain.
i refuse to smile when u'r dying by the pain.
i only wanna see the world running thru my veins.
running with my remorse.
and my dreams will then tell me,
i'm not yet 'dead'.
as dead has always been my only loyal companion.
and i'm saying this for the awesome departures of many great names in my life.
thank you guys,
thank you girls,
thank you friends.

That's all. Peace, Empathy, Pen Off :')

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fishtri said...

oh mai gad, u haf FEEDJIT olreadi. whoopz whoopz HAHAHAHA :D:D

himynameisamer said...

yup. a feedjit. what's with the capital letters -.- ?

fishtri said...


himynameisamer said...

selamat hari raya aidiladha fitri :)

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