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I had always been interested in matters involving conspiracies theory and government frauds, but I'm not obsessed. I love to keep the strings loose because the things that we love most may actually break us down in the end, and there is no exception even in this case. So i was reading a great blog that shares the actual origin and histories of Malay, and I was utterly proud to read the facts written in the posts. We were not only warriors of keris and tombak but we were also the feared warriors of Rentaka and Terakol once, but our corrupted government just loves to keep our minds in the hands of monkeys rather than be in the land of the thinking donkeys.

The title for this post is actually the word ILLUMINATI spelled backward. Now what I want you guys to do is write the title of this post into your internet browser and add .us at the end of it. Press enter and tell me what website appears before your very eyes. Don't deny it, please. Coincidence never existed, it's just another word created to make fun of fate and plans. And oh, have you ever tried typing in ILLUMINATI.US? No? You should try it once and a while. 'Cause I'd tried once just now, and I was really shocked because there in my browser was a website with no navigation links or whatsoever but just a sentence in Latin wrote in white, on a black background. How did I know that it was Latin, because I used Google Translate and it was translated to read:

"or so strongly fortified that it is not be taken with money."

"nihil tam munitum quod non expugnari pecunia possit."(The original sentence.)

But I was curious and that sentence alone won't please me. I need more. So I reloaded that page in case there will be navigation links the moment the page is reloaded, but I was wrong. The moment I reloaded the page, everything is gone and the '404 error' occurred. I tried for many many times, but I still couldn't reach that page anymore. Here's a snapshot of the page :

Enlighten me, people. Peace, Empathy, Pen Off.

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Anonymous said...

very interesting .. if you would be able to reach me and i would like 2 share a few things with u and i might need some depth regarding this subject

himynameisamer said...

Nice. Please drop in your email, and maybe we can share some of our thoughts :)

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