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bear vs shark

MALE : someone tells him that he looks familiar, and a 1 hour conversation might just start there.
FEMALE : someone tells her that she looks familiar, she might just rolled her eyes and left with a 'sheesshh'

MALE : talk shits about someone straight to that someone's face but can still share a table and have a laugh the very next day with that someone.
FEMALE : talk shits about someone way behind that someone's back and that someone will forever be in exile.

MALE : got punched in the face but will possibly get back in peace with that someone someday.
FEMALE : got punched in the face? THIS IS WAR, BIATCHHH!

MALE : a problem should only be considered as a problem if it involves someone else.
FEMALE : A PROBLEM is everything!

MALE : they gather and have fun doing silly stuffs.
FEMALE : they gather and have fun talking about planning on a road trip, but then ended up talking shits about the guys that they barely even knew. REALITY.

Done said. Peace.

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Fitri Neenja said...

gender-biased -____-'

himynameisamer said...

who :) ?

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