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third thought.

i have a difficulty in saying yes for more than 3 seconds, because after that i would probably say no instead. remember that crappy post about me being askdhalja padaolhne about being home? yeahh screw that :D . i went fishing last night with a number of friends, one who had recently worked at UNISEL, one who had taught me a lot about paintball back when i was doing part time with him, one who had been my guitar instructor when i was still green and wet, one who had once serong sekolah with me, and the last one; is the one who had joined the army last year. It had been quite a 'milennia' since i last hangout with them, and last night we went to do the thing we love most; fishing.

kami bertolak dalam pukul 2245, rasenye. sebelum bertolak, semua huha huha dekat kedai makan. a grand reunion eyh? bile nampak muke si mamat yang masuk askar tu, perghhh tibe tibe rase nak emosional jap :D . bertahun dah kot tak jumpe dier. walaupun dier dah masuk askar, tapi perangai dier still macam budak sekolah lagi. terbaikkk. kitorang pegi memancing dekat Taman Metropolitan Kepong, sampai dalam pukul 2315 camtu. *but that place had never been my favourite, susah dapat ikan -.- * . peralatan tak cukup, banyak betul yang tak cukup. tapi layankan aje :) .

and so we fish. i was busy undoing the tied up net, while someone was busy starting up the fire and it went on for decades -.- . i casted twice and all of a sudden i felt bored and so i stopped.

-.- zzZZZ . Peace, Empathy, Pen Off :)

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Aisya Rahim said...

Haiyoo . fishing@Tasik kepong ?
itu tempat photoshoot cantik lah bro :p

himynameisamer said...

kau model takpe la. haha. aku dulu selalu mancing situ dapat ikan besar 2 jari je. tak pernah dapat besar kat situ -.-

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