4:39:00 AM

It's Never Enough

i know it's not enough to sell all my hearts out,
and keep pretending that we're not alone.
i know that this isn't just as what we think of,
and i see that we're falling down.

i won't ever let us fall down,
i wont't let u see me crashing down,
'cause everytime i'm looking at you,
i see lies,
staring back and pointing back at me.

i've seen it all enough to say that i've tried to held in, but then you stepped out. i don't even get you and all those games you play, it makes me wouldn't stay.



above is the lyric for a song i wrote back in early 2009. it's a very meaningful piece for me as it is everything about me in a very compact composition. i intended to keep the song short and in utter repetition to clearly denounce the idea of what "ME" stands for. i love this song 'cause it's the only song that i wrote which had never been dedicated to anyone ever. i regard this as mine, solely mine. oh well i did played it a lot of times before in front of friends but that was on the purpose of sharing, not giving. this piece tells a lot about my family and my insight on life.

* if you wanna find out what this song do sounds like, you can check for a video of it at my MySpace profile. i'm not gonna upload it on Facebook. no effing way! and oh, if you do managed to find the video, a notice: that video was recorded approx. at 4am in the morning so there's no way that you'll find the video interesting. anywho, enjoys :) .*

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